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To pass on the divine art of Bharathanatyam to upcoming generations
To establish dance schools that promote Bharatham. To promote the social and cultural values of fine arts through the divine art of Bharatham.
Natya Kalamani Deshabandu Srimathi Bavani Kugapriya
- Director/Founder of Thiyagarajar Kalai Kovil -

Smt.Bavani kugapriya has made a name for herself as one of the most creative and dedicated gurus of Bharathanatiyam. Her rich performances have been praised on many levels, as inspiring and unique creations that evoked genuine admiration and excitement from the audience. Her teaching journey has continued through Trincomalee, Chennai and now to Colombo where she has established a notable dance school Thiyagarajar Kalaikovil that has created over 1500 talented performers since its beginning. Smt.Bavani kugapriya has choreographed many dance programs that were based on the Tamil language, peace, and divinity. Mrs Bawani initially learnt Bharatham from Ms Kamala Gnanadas, former head of the department of dance, Eastern University of Sri Lanka. Being a devotee of arts, she learned Bharatham at the University of Jaffna from 1991 to 1994 and went on to teach as a temporary lecturer at her university. In the year 1998, she joined the department of education as a graduate trainee teacher served at T/Sri Shanmuga Hindu Ladies College, Trincomalee. 

Mrs Bawani, during her tenure at T/Sri Shanmuga Hindu LadiesCollege,Trincomalee, produced and directed many Bharatham dance programmes and Natya Kalamani Deshabandu Srimathi Bavani Kugapriya – Director/Founder of Thiyagarajar Kalai Kovil presented them at national and international levels and fetched many trophies and gold medals for the School. She joined Cl/Ramanathan Hindu Ladies’ Collegein 2010 and brought many victories to the school at the national level. “Naattiya Kalamani” Mrs Bawani Kugapriya holds a diploma in Bharatham and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education. She is a disciple of Dr Padma Subramaniam and was specially trained at Tanjavoor Shastra University. She has been continuing her journey, successfully, at district, provincial, national and international levels for twenty-one years. She is an able Orator and a prolific writer. She has actively participated in national and international symposiums and workshops. She provides volunteer service to social, religious and arts organizations.

History of school

Mrs.Bavani Kugapriya established “Thiyagarajar Kalai Kovil” in Trincomalee, in honor of her late father Mr.Thiyagarajah Kandaiah whose life stood as a gleaming example of integrity, perseverance and self- elief. He was an eminent educationist, an honest politician and an ardent social worker. He served the nation immeasurably in different important positions; As the Mayor of Batticaloa, Principal of Bat/Sivananda Vidyalayam, Provincial Director of Education of the North-East provincial department of education, Secretary to the Ministry of Education, Cultural Affairs & Sports of the North- East Provincial Council and Chairman of the Swami Vipulananda Centenary Celebration Board.

Thiyagarajar kalaikovil” is a SriLankan based Bharathanatyam fine Art school that has been running successfully since 1999. “Pilgrimage of Divinity filled with Tamil and Art” is the motto of “Thiyagarajar Kalaikkovil”, and its mission is to bring out the in-born dancing talent in children, and train them to be versatile dancers. The children learn and practice the art of yoga as well. “Thiyagarajar Kalaikovil” is dedicated to use Bharathanatyam as a powerful divine tool for the personality and spiritual development among its students. Bavani Kugapriya believes that the aim and end of art is the blossoming of wisdom

Mr.Thiyagarajah Kandaiah

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